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Strategic Actions Underway

The Weinland Park Collaborative: In 2008, the Weinland Park Collaborative was formed through a partnership between the Columbus Foundation and other funding entities to improve the quality of life for its 4,800 neighborhood residents. Collaborations in areas such as housing stabilization and crime reduction, as well as a family-centered community change model are being used “to improve the academic attainment of children and remove workforce barriers for caregivers of those children to move them into living wage employment.”

Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families: Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families is an initiative of Nationwide Children’s Hospital on the South Side of Columbus. This public private collaboration targets families living in the neighborhood around the hospital and works to remove barriers to health and opportunity through the avenues of affordable housing, health and wellness, education, safe and accessible neighborhoods, and workforce and economic development. Since beginning this initiative in 2008, more than $10 million has been invested in neighborhood housing. Healthy Families, Healthy Neighborhoods estimates over 10,000 area neighbors are impacted annually.

Partners Achieving Community Transformation: PACT is a partnership working to create and sustain opportunity within the Near East Side area of Columbus. Community stakeholders collaborate with the City of Columbus, Ohio State, and the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority working to create and sustain opportunity within the Near East Side. PACT is in the process of implementing their “revitalization plan”, including projects in the areas of housing, quality healthcare, and employment.

The Reeb Avenue Center: Recently located on the South Side of Columbus and built through public/private partnerships, Reeb is home to 13 nonprofits that provide assistance to community residents in a “Hub of Hope.” By providing a variety of services from job training to a sliding-scale model kitchen, café and market, Reeb helps to build self-sufficiency, support a community of need, and create a healthier South Side neighborhood in the City of Columbus.

CelebrateOne: Infant mortality statistics in Franklin County are staggering. Three babies die every week, and black babies are dying at more than twice the rate of white babies. The Greater Columbus Infant Mortality Task Force created CelebrateOne in November 2014 to reduce the number of infant deaths by 40% by 2020 through targeted interventions, connections to community services, and addressing the effect of race on infant mortality.